Habitat Kokomo Welcomes the Everett Family as New Partner Family!

Many who believe in God may agree with this line: God is never late, but He sure is slow. Theresa Everett, 29, of Kokomo might disagree. As one of the 2016 Partner Families with Habitat For Humanity of the Kokomo Community, Everett believes God is moving quickly for her and her family, especially when she’s only lived here for two years.

theresa-everett-family-2   Everett found a flyer at Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church about Kokomo’s Habitat group. Once she began to investigate and applied, it opened up a whole new world for her, and the dream of a home for her family.

Everett is the mother of two sons, Corahn, 9, and Josiah, 2. And though she isn’t sure what her home will look like, earning her “sweat equity” hours by working on a Habitat project helps her dream of owning a home take shape. “Working on a Habitat home they’re currently rehabbing, I would say this would be the biggest home that I’ve had the opportunity to live in. Everyplace I’ve had has been pretty much very small,” Everett said.

Plans for the Everett home are slowly taking shape, with some help from Corahn. “He wants his own room. He’s at that age, he doesn’t like to share with the baby brother. And he has plans on decorating the room, he’s constantly asking ‘Mom when will we move in, when will the house be ready?’ He’s excited.”

Anyone who has built a home knows the kind of discoveries and hard demands involved. But working for Habitat, Everett has found the diamonds of self-discovery in with the coal. “I discovered that I am reliable, and I’m willing to do the sweat equity hours – and it’s also a great learning process for me,” she said. “I’ve never been a painter, and last Saturday we took up the floors, to see how quick the process is. It’s amazing. With all the workers and everything, the landscaping – I’m learning a lot.”

Everett thought about becoming a homeowner, but not quite this soon. Yet the prospect of having her own home for her family moves her deeply. “Something about it makes me want to just strive so hard, to continue to work and be able to be established in the near future, to be prepared. It’s a great idea, to own something.”

The words ‘sweat equity’ don’t intimidate Everett at all. “I’m a hard working person, I believe in putting the work for something. Especially something given to me with zero interest. There’s no pride – I’ll work. I’m not as strong as a man, but I’m willing to put those hours in and help assist with anything that needs to be done to help build these homes.” she said.

Everett fully intends to pay it forward when it comes to Habitat For Humanity. “I plan, even after my sweat equity hours are over, I plan to attend meetings, if there’s help needed, passing out flyers, passing the word on – I’m willing to help afterwards,” she said.

Everett has one semester left in college, planning to become an administrative and medical assistant. “That’s one thing I was looking forward to about owning a home, not worrying about my situation – I barely meet the guidelines,” she said. But her future is radiant. “I know the future is going to get greater for me. It’s really a gift from God. I’ve only been here in Kokomo for two years – and things are progressing rapidly! I’ve heard of Habitat, but it wasn’t in the plans of even applying until I saw the flyer at church in April.”

Everett hopes her home to be ready in Spring of 2017.

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